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Riding on quiet, smooth roads through breath-taking

So it was that time of year again, the weather was starting to soften, the harshness of winter was easing away and with it time to dust off the bike! Having taken a break from the bike all winter I needed something to get my ass in gear and start training towards. A mate of mine had always been on to me about this group of fantastic guys who were all crazy fit in Murcia Spain who had a guided tours business and had been trying to get me to go for the past few years to no avail. This year I thought it would be fantastic to expierience riding my bike in a climate like Spain’s and take in some of the hills, mountains, roads and scenery in which Murcia had to offer. After agreeing to go and booking flights and getting in touch with the guys from Murcia Cycling it all became real and I knew, in order to enjoy it, I had to be of decent fitness going out there. I knew I was in for a good 2 weeks training camp but what I didn’t know was just how much this little known area, the group of lads and the pure enjoyment of riding my bike in that landscape would grasp me! It without a doubt surpassed all expectations I could have imagined. From day numero uno when I rolled out of my hotel to meet Jack and Mike, their friendliness was on show from then until my last airport transfer. I can say without a doubt in my mind that it was the most enjoyable time I’ve spent on a bike thus far! From riding the glass like surface roads having sheer fun and banter with all people of the same mindset and intrest as you to the torture and suffering of riding up some iconic climbs of world cycling, Sierra de Espuna, Cabaza de la Plata, Tudons, Col de Rates and Garuchel but to name a few! This company caters for cyclists of all levels and certainly provided the level I needed, with some racing in mind I knew I’d have to put my body through some hardship in order to prepare myself for the scene back home. Little did i know how much improvement this riding would have on me whilst being able to enjoy myself also.

This will not be the last time I travel to Murcia! I’ve made some cracking mates and feel that there is a bigger adventure on the horizon very soon! Anyone that is thinking of travelling with their bike, I strongly recommend you take a look into what Murcia has to offer! It may not be one of the first places you think of when you mention cycling abroad but I guarantee after you’ve cycled there it will undoubtedly top all others!
Muchos gusto amigos!

John Dowley

Panduit Carrick Wheelers Cycling Club

We have just returned from a memorable five day cycling holiday.  

The accommodation at Roda Golf was very spacious, and immaculately clean.  Mike, and his wife, Sarah, were fantastic hosts and nothing was too much trouble.  Mike organised our bike hire, transfers, and a tailored welcome pack for our arrival, and even a trip to the local super market.

Mike’s professional approach, knowledge of the area, and enthusiasm, complimented the fantastic roads and breathtaking scenery on our daily routes.  

We would highly recommend Murcia Cycling to anyone with a passion for cycling, and we are currently planning our next trip.  

Diolch yn fawr


Angela and Steve Williams


I would also like to thank Mike and Sarah for guiding us round and looking after us for our time in Roda. (Special thanks for the cheesecake!!)

It was the best I’ve felt on the bike in over a year and I had the best condition I’ve ever had. It was made even better by having such great company on and off the bike and I’ve made some great new friends, so a big thanks for being true gentlemen!

Thank you for looking after myself and Owe’s and putting our health and fitness at heart. We will owe you one in the long run!

Just settled in here in Cambrils and its freezing! 6 degrees and the windchill is probably 1!

Hope you are all enjoying being back at home, see you all soon.

Best regards,

Jack Sadler

Team 3M

A sincere thanks to Mike, our host and so to you all who provided the essential dynamics, unselfishness, generosity, competitive sprit and  fitness levels which were all an absolute pleasure for a week in the winter sun.

If you have photos that you would like to share that would be great, I will get around to sorting mine out later this week.

Sincerest thanks to you all.

See you soon

Dylan Morris

Cycling Specific, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

“If you are thinking of trying out cycling in the Murcia area then my only advice is to go for it! Mike has a fantastic knowledge of the area and introduced me to some absolutely stunning rides. The roads were isolated (we saw more bikes than cars!), and the views were breathtaking. This truly is a beautiful part of Spain and in all honesty in order to get the best from it I would recommend that you take a cycling tour with Mikes company Murcia Cycling.

The ride up Sierra Espuna was a match for any alpine climb I have done and to top it off the weather is much more predictable and pleasant. I do not think you would find a better host than Mike, nothing is too much trouble and he is a truly passionate cyclist, which really enhances the experience. Additionally, the benefit of having support vehicles and a fully guided route are also a massive advantage and guarantee that you will get the most from this experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip Mike and I can’t wait to return to experience more of what the area has to offer. Thanks again”.


Mark Egan


Drefach Tour de Murcia April 2016

Just a word of thanks on behalf of the rest of the boys and myself for the fantastic time we had during our trip to Murcia last month, we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute, including the chain gang lesson in 40mph winds!.

The memory of the scent of orange groves, superbly considerate Spanish drivers, smooth roads, stunning climbs and exhilarating descents have set us up nicely for a summer of cycling around the Gwendraeth valley.

Please pass on our thanks to Jack as well, you were both a credit to Murcia Cycling and we will gladly spread the
word to fellow cyclists looking for a break in the sunshine. The routes you took us on were perfect for the group and I hope in some small way we have given something back by passing on our knowledge on rehydration and nutrition, you know it makes sense!!

If as discussed you manage to sort a multi stop trip for next spring please let us know and we can start planning.

Thanks again,

Charles,Alan,Berian,Steve and Bob.

Charles B. Sams

Drefach cycling and cricket club

2 June 2018 at 21:16
Hi Jack and Mike,
Andrew Halpin Saturday
New Message From Murcia Cycling
Hi Jack and Mike,
I meant to get round to this a bit sooner, and here goes.
A group from our club took a weeks cycling holiday staying in La Zenia. We decided to
seek the services of a guide and split it into two groups, Jack, Mike and Deb led us out
the first couple of days and it turned out to be a brilliant idea. The lads & lady knew
their way around and brought us to some great spots. We booked another couple of
guided days where another chap, Wayne led out one of our groups. In the middle of
this 9 of us took a trip up the massif of Sierra Espuna and what a worthwhile trip, made
more enjoyable under the lads guidance. All in all an excellent five days, with enjoyable
cycling and a great bit of craic and banter with the lads. I cant recommend them
enough, solid. I enjoyed it so much I bought the T-shirt. Thanks again lads, and Deb for
Warmest regards Andy

Andrew Halpin, NAAS cycling club Ireland

NAAS cycling club

Would like to add my thanks to you all for a great week. My aim for the week was to shed a few Kgs-unfortunately I managed to add a Kg, so I’m not quite sure where I went wrong there, after all we nearly cycled 400m. Maybe it was the Cafe con Leches, or maybe the Guiness on the Sunday afternoon? Would love to do it again. Good to luck to you Os with your Ironman training, and Jack for the coming season with 3M. As for us oldies, keep on cycling!

Diolch yn enwedig i Mike a Sarah, am eu caredigrwydd.


Dr Aled Williams

Dr Aled Williams

Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

Mike just to say a big thank you for organising the rides while we were staying on Roda Golf. Using Murcia Cycling took the pain out of planning our own routes and resulted in some great days riding based on your local knowledge. The routes, scenery and food were all first class and the resort was an excellent base for both riders and family.”


Kevin Hoban


Just returned from a fantastic cycling holiday in Murcia. Superb luxury accomodation, fantastic weather and Mike and Sarah really were the perfect hosts, they made us feel at home and nothing was too much effort.

The cycling was fantastic, Murcia is a superb cycling region incorporating stunning scenery with plenty of mountain climbs(check out the Sierra Espuna) and flat plains to suit all riders. Mike ensured that we all enjoyed the experience whatever the riding experience of those involved.

Each day was topped off with a return to Roda resort. The wife and kids spent the days at the pool or the local beach and then we all would spend the evening at the clubhouse with a well earned beer or two.

A perfect holiday, we have already booked to go back next year for more cycling with friends and their families.

Many thanks


Jon, Sian and the kids